9 Best Road Trip Organization Tips and Tools: How to Organize your Road Trip Plans 2023

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7 min readMar 9, 2023

Planning a road trip is exciting, but how do you keep it all together? These road trip organization tools will help.

SKyline Road in Colorado, a narrow road with a dropoff to the right and rocks to the left.

Road trips have a lot of moving pieces — and I’m not just talking about your vehicle (ba dum bum).

When you’re planning a road trip, you need to keep track of all those potential destinations, accommodations, places to eat, things to do, etc., etc.

Then when you’re on the trip, you need to easily access that information. These road trip organization tools will help.

There are as many ways to plan a road trip as there are road trippers, but there are two fundamentals for road trip organization that apply to everyone:

Keep your information in as few places as possible.
I’ve learned this first-hand. As a travel writer, I accumulate a lot of information when I’m on the road.

It’s also vital that I’m where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there. To make that possible, I keep confirmations, itineraries, etc., in as few places as possible.

Always have printed back-ups
Have a printed copy of your itinerary, et al, in addition to your online system. Phones break, batteries die, cell service is not always…



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